• About Us

    Community Caring Inc is a community welfare/development agency established in 2002 to provide support for people living on the Mornington Peninsula who are in need or at risk of experiencing crisis.

    CCI operates a number of programs aimed at strengthening family capacity and resilience, breaking cycles of generational poverty and social isolation, whilst increasing social inclusion and community participation.

    CCI supports these objectives through programs such as COACH Community mentoring, Back on Track and Community Caring Op Shop.


    Mission and Values

    Meet Our Team

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  • History

    1998 Mornington Baptist Community Caring program begins.
    Emergency food aid, financial counselling, bread delivery, back yard clean ups.
    2002 Not-for-profit status, Mornington Baptist Community Caring Incorporated (MBCCI).
    Client services, Pantry, Bread run, Three Legged Chair.
    2004 COACH Community Mentoring piloted in Mornington and Mt Martha.
    Back on Track developed to replace Client services.
    CONNECT drop in coffee/tea, workshops and activities (Mornington Park).
    2006 Jigsaw, mid-week community gathering for dinner (Mornington Park).
    Helping Hands, practical home help and support (Mornington Park).
    2007 Name change, New Peninsula Community Caring Incorporated (NPCCI).
    2008 COACH Community Mentoring expanded to Southern Mornington Peninsula.
    2009 COACH Community Mentoring expands to become a national program.
    2010 Youth COACH piloted across the Mornington Peninsula.
    2012 Social Enterprise development, CCI Op Shop opened.
    2013 Youth COACH SOAR piloted at Dromana Secondary College.
    Youth COACH Girls piloted in Mornington Park.
    2014 Mission Australia takes over the management of COACH nationally.
    Youth COACH SOAR piloted at Mornington Secondary College.
    2015 Social Enterprise expansion, CCI Op Shop super store opened.
    Back on Track expanded to Southern Mornington Peninsula.

  • Mission and Values

    Mission Statement
    Mobilising Christians to empower and care for people who find themselves in need, or at risk of experiencing crisis.

    We Value :

    • Our Christian faith, which forms the basis of our response to human need.
    • Operating in a manner, which respects and values the worth of every person in our community including our staff and volunteers.
    • Operating from a model of empowerment, being open and transparent with high standards of professionalism and accountability.
    • Upholding ethical practices in all areas, including economic, social, environmental and cultural.

  • Meet our Team

    General Manager: Andrew Taylor
    Andrew’s passion to see issues of social justice and social concern addressed holistically has driven a career working within the social welfare sector for more than 20 years. Andrew came to NPCCI after 10 years working with Hanover specialising in crisis management. Andrew loves AFL “GO BLUES”.
    Connected Communities Manager: Simon Fee
    Simon’s passion to see people in tough places flourish, has been born from 30+ years as a Social Worker/Manager in Community housing and Homelessness services. He loves nurturing people and teams to become their best selves and own supportive community. Beach walks and following the TIGERS are other passions.
    Op Shop Manager: William Jiang
    Will is passion to build up a volunteers-friendly community in the Op Shop where volunteers can use their gifts to serve for local community. He has over 10 year retail management experiences. He loves jogging, reading and spending time with his family.
    Accounts Manager: Linda Jackson
    Linda is a registered Bookkeeper and BAS Agent with 25+ years of experience. She has achieved an Advanced Diploma in Accounting. Her passion is supporting small business owners and not-for-profit entities with their financial needs. She loves sailing, enjoys entertaining, travelling, reading and spending time with her family.
    Administrator: Pandora Downs
    Pandora felt a strong calling to join NPCCI after being part of their COACH mentoring program. She loves supporting the team and their volunteers to achieve NPCCI’s mission to empower and care for people in need or at risk of experiencing crisis. She loves cooking, reading and leading Bible studies.
    CCI Op Shop Assistant: Tracey Feeney
    Tracey has been involved with the Op Shop for about 6 years, working in all areas from sorting, selling and office work. She has been a stay at home mother to 2 children and enjoys family time, animals, nature and a variety of craft work.

  • Community Engagement

    Community Engagement refers to the process by which community benefit organizations and individuals build ongoing, permanent relationships for the purpose of applying a collective vision for the benefit of a community. Community Engagement also deals with the practice of moving said communities towards change, usually from a stalled or otherwise similarly suspended position.

    Community Caring Inc achieves these types of outcomes for communities and individuals throughout the Mornington Peninsula by engaging the community in programs such as Back on Track, Community Caring Op Shop and COACH Community mentoring.

    Back on Track


  • Back on Track

    Back on Track is an emergency relief and food relief program that exists to assist people living on the Mornington Peninsula who are experiencing financial hardship.

    Back on Track seeks to empower people to commence the process of making healthier life choices to achieve freedom from debilitating debt, increase financial literacy skills, and build greater levels of self-reliance, independence and financial wellbeing.

    Self-determination throughout the support period increases rapport and trust for people to partner in the process of developing debt reduction plans, participate in setting up financial management strategies, and engage in capacity building activities.

    Back on Track has developed over the years from a response to crisis based model, to an intentional and structured capacity building model with a framework of policies and procedures guiding service provision and professional social work support.

    Food Donations

  • Youth COACH SOAR Adventures

    Youth COACH SOAR Adventures is an adventure based experiential learning program incorporated with Youth COACH mentoring to complement and enhance the potential outcomes.

    Youth COACH SOAR Adventures operates within several Secondary Colleges throughout the Mornington Peninsula, and works with year 8 and 9 students identified as experiencing isolation and exclusion at school, conflict and or crisis at home, and display behaviour consistent with having a low self-esteem and or depression.

    Along with a team of trained mentors, previous graduates are encouraged to become supportive peer mentors to new participants coming through the program.

    Youth COACH SOAR Adventures aims to promote social inclusion by increasing youth self-esteem and social skills, as well as increasing life opportunities by preventing early school leaving, promoting healthier life styles and helping youth find their place in the world.

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  • Youth COACH

    Youth COACH is a one to one mentoring program for youth aged 8-16 years who live on the Mornington Peninsula. Youth COACH utilises a peer mentoring model accessing support from young adults aged over 20 years.

    Youth COACH aims to increase a young person’s self-esteem and social skills, with the goal of increasing life opportunities by preventing early school leaving, promoting healthier life styles and helping youth “find their place in the world”.

    This occurs through the matching of a young person with a mentor, whom they spend time each fortnight, taking part in activities that they both choose: it may be hanging out at the beach, going to a movie, helping with homework, enjoying music or other activities decided by the mentor and the young person.

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  • COACH Community Mentoring

    COACH is a long term mentoring program. Volunteer mentors from within the community are trained to support families in need create a brighter, more positive future for themselves. Our aim is to mobilise Christians to make a positive and significant difference in the lives of families in need so that cycles of generational poverty and family dysfunction are broken. Mentors are encouraging, non-judgmental people trained to assist families to make changes in their lives. Mentors can offer support to address issues such as:

    • Family relationships
    • Parenting difficulties
    • Managing budgets
    • Finding work
    • Managing health issues
    • Isolation

    COACH support is goal focussed. Families identify two or three life goals that are formalised in a one year written support agreement. Mentors work confidentially and ethically, spending time each week supporting a family, encouraging and affirming them to make plans to achieve their life goals.

    Agency COACH Referral Form

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  • Social Enterprise

    Social Enterprises are led by an economic, social, cultural, or environmental mission consistent with a public or community benefit, they operate like a business, produce goods and services for the market, manages its operations and redirects its surpluses in pursuit of social and environmental goals.

    An equally noble goal of Social Enterprise is the involvement of those most in need, thus creating capacity and self-sufficiency for individuals, and impacting their communities and lessening the reliance on the social welfare sector.

    Our Op Shop currently runs as a social enterprise for Community Caring Inc., to find out more click on the Op Shop tab below, stay tuned as more social enterprise initiatives will be launched in the not so distant future.

    Op Shop

  • Op Shops

    The Op Shop exists to support the mission and vision of Community Caring. This is achieved through focusing on three areas that form the foundation and culture at the shop, the community hub, empowering families in need and finance.

    The Community Hub corner forms an integral part of the Op Shop, it provides a space for people experiencing social isolation, social exclusion and loneliness to sit and talk. Staff provide prayer support when appropriate, encouragement, a friendly caring ear and if necessary connection to professional services.

    The Op Shop also provides opportunities for people experiencing long-term unemployment, family dysfunction, mental illness, poverty and disadvantage to volunteer and gain valuable retail experience, a work reference, and the confidence to enter or re-enter the workforce.

    Op Shop Locations:

    6/175-179 Mornington-Tyabb Road, Mornington
    Tel: 5976 4873

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  • Get Involved

    Community Caring Inc wouldn’t be able to achieve and do all that it does without the generosity of people giving so freely of their resources to support the work of CCI. There are several ways you can get involved with supporting CCI:

    Food Donations

    Volunteering your Time

    Financial DonationsFinancial Donations

  • Food Donations

    We currently have 6 food baskets in Coles and Woolworths stores across the Mornington Peninsula and are expecting more in the near future, they help us to provide food support to people on the peninsula who find themselves in need, or at risk of experiencing crisis. Food from these baskets are distributed through our Back on Track program.

    Locations of baskets:

    Coles Centro Mornington
    Franklin Street & Gordon

    Woolworths Bentons Square
    Street Cnr Bentons & Dunns Road

    Coles Hastings
    Church Street & Victoria Street

    Woolworths Mornington
    241 Main Street

    Rosebud Plaza
    Boneo Rd & McCombe St

    McRae Plaza
    Cnr Nepean Hwy And Lonsdale St

  • Volunteer Your Time

    Volunteers play such an important role for Community Caring Inc, we currently have over 100 volunteers who help support the work of CCI, without them, we wouldn’t be able to deliver all the different programs. If you are interested in volunteering your time in any of CCI’s current programs, then simply download an expression of interest form below and send it into us.

    Expression of Interest Form